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Qom Science& Technology Park, Molavi Boulevard, Pardian, Qom, Iran
1st Unit, No 5, Farbin street, Farmanieh Ave, Tehran, Iran

Hi-tech Project Management

Providing project management services
Based on the newest
modern methods
In construction industry projects

Intelligent nD Modeling

Developing nD models
Smart BIM-based
In all disciplines
And industry projects


Implementing  BIM on
Organizations, consultants
Contractors and technical engineering offices
Public and private sector


Providing professional and
up-to-date services related
to AR (Augmented Reality)
and VR (Virtual Reality) with the
highest level of technology.

Compete smartly...

By choosing the best, most economical and innovative ways to design, monitor, build and manage your project ... be the best in the country's construction industry

Building Information Modelling

By implementing BIM management in your managed projects, a new window will be built into the industry's new technology. We will implement the BIM at the levels and details you need in the life cycle of the projects.

Intelligent manufacturing process process
Modern and technological project management.
Implementing BIM in the structure of organizations, companies and technical engineering offices
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Advantages of using our services

Always provide excellent customer service.

This will require them to enjoy too much and recommend you to others.

"Judith Ellen"

In Progress


Use of BIM services in the project life cycle

New and high tech project management and control

Intelligent manufacturing process

Simulation and optimization of energy

Structural implementation of the new processes in the organization; consultant; firm

Use of virtual reality and augmented reality technology


Considering the necessity of implementation of modern technology and services in the construction industry of our country and other countries around the world and raising the quality of this sector along with maximum observance of economic principles and preventing the loss of national resources and funds, we decided that by developing and developing new managerial concepts Design, Supervision and Construction in Iran And international
; Let's take a step towards the promotion of our beloved country.

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